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Why does sometimes interview people with questionable beliefs on the podcast?


It continues to surprise us how many complaints we receive about some of the guests we have had on the Podcast. The complaints are almost always not about what the guest said on our podcast, but what he or she has said elsewhere, in a book, in another interview, or on another topic. Examples: How could interview an old earth creationist about the Trinity? How could allow a charismatic guest to talk about the existence of God?

That is why we added the following disclaimer to every podcast episode: “Disclaimer: The views expressed by guests on our podcast do not necessarily reflect the views of Got Questions Ministries. Our choice to host a guest on our podcast should not be interpreted as an endorsement of everything the individual says on the show or has ever said elsewhere. Please use biblically informed discernment in evaluating what is said on our podcast.”

The idea that one can only converse with people who 100 percent agree is just plain silly, not to mention impossible to apply. Even the staff, do not agree with each other on every doctrinal issue. We all agree with the Statement of Faith, but on some peripheral issues, there is some latitude, and we are entirely comfortable with that. In fact, we embrace it. It forces us to examine our beliefs more closely. It motivates us to study the Scriptures more deeply (Acts 17:11).

The purpose of the Podcast is the same—to get people to study God’s Word (2 Timothy 3:16-17) and to build convictions based on this. We want to discuss issues we receive questions about from a doctrinal, practical, and personal perspective so people will have a better understanding and search the Scriptures to verify whether what we are saying is true and biblical. We do not want anyone accepting what we say, or what a guest says, just because it is said on the Podcast.

We want the Podcast to be a place where important issues can be discussed from a biblical standpoint and where guests with differing viewpoints can be treated respectfully and not dismissed out of hand. If you are looking for an echo chamber in which everything you hear is precisely what you already believe, you are going to have to look elsewhere. But if you are looking for a podcast that might challenge your beliefs and cause you to think and re-examine your convictions, we invite you to give the Podcast a try.

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